Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last Summer I planted a very young rooted cutting of Buff Beauty.  As most very young plants, it grew very little through the Summer and Fall as it set down roots and acclimated itself to its new home.  This Spring it is sending out hopeful new shoots. This Southeast facing location warms up quickly but is also shaded from the intense Oklahoma afternoon sun from early afternoon to evening.  As a group, Hybrid Musk roses seem better equipped to grow in partial shade than many other roses.

Early warm Spring days are the most hopeful in the garden.  They hold forward all the potential that lies ahead.  It is also a time when early growth walks the tight rope of potential setback from a late freeze.  In our setting I think once we get to April we are often safe from a freeze, but it isn’t until tax day that I begin to breathe easy.  I need some reason to feel better about the day.  So for now like my young plant of Buff Beauty I am hopeful.


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I've looked through yours, and really enjoyed it. I also liked your profile story. Good luck with your Buff Beauty. It is such a beautiful rose.

  2. Thanks for visiting as well. Love your pictures. My gut tells me that we won't have another freeze this year, so I am thinking that Buff Beauty won't have any set backs.