Roses I Grow

Dublin Bay                Rev Recommends
Fourth of July


Buck Roses
Distant Drums
Prairie Star                 Rev Recommends
Queen Bee
English Roses
Abraham Darby          Rev Recommends
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Fair Bianca
Gertrude Jekyll
Golden Celebration
Graham Thomas       Rev Recommends
Heritage                    Rev Recommends
Jude The Obscure    Rev Recommends
Mary Rose
Pat Austin
St. Swithun               Rev Recommends
Tradescant               Rev Recommends
William Shakespeare 2000
Carlin’s Rhythm      Rev Recommends
Dragon’s Blood
Ebb Tide                  Rev Recommends
Hot Cocoa
Pam's Choice

Hybrid Bracteata
Golden Buddha
Precious Dream          Rev Recommends

Hybrid Musk
Ballerina                    Rev Recommends
Buff Beauty                Rev Recommends
Jeri Jennings               Rev Recommends
Lavender Lassie         Rev Recommends
Penelope                    Rev Recommends

Hybrid Perpetua
Reine des Violettes          Rev Recommends

Hybrid Rugosa
F.J. Grootendorst 
Linda Campbell                Rev Recommends
Moore’s Striped Rugosa     Rev Recommends
Sir Thomas Lipton

Hybrid Tea
Oklahoma                   Rev Recommends
Rina Hugo
Miniature Roses
Autumn Splendor           Rev Recommends
Cinderella                    Rev Recommends
Green Ice                      Rev Recommends
Lavender Crystal           Rev Recommends
Lena’s Gift
Seattle Scentsation 
Tattooed Lady               Rev Recommends
Vi’s Violet
Winsome                      Rev Recommends

Miniature Climbers
Ranbow’s End, Cl.        Rev Recommends
Red Cascade
Red Moss Rambler
Twister                         Rev Recommends

Mel Hulse
Treasure Trail                     Rev Recommends
Unconditional Love           Rev Recommends

Snow White 
The Fairy                       Rev Recommends

Shrub Roses
Belinda’s Dream               Rev Recommends     
Braveheart                       Rev Recommends
DayDream                       Rev Recommends
Flower Carpet Red               
Rhapsody in Blue
Siren’s Keep                   Rev Recommends
Vineyard Song                 Rev Recommends 

*Roses in italics are being added in the Spring of 2012.

I am marking some of the roses I grow with the designation of " Rev Recommends. "  These are roses that I recommend without reservation.  In my experience they are healthy, easy growers that when planted in good soil, sun, and enough water will make you look like a great gardener.  This does not mean that other roses I grow will be difficult.  Some will get added to the list with more experience and some may be a little more fussy but I think they are worth it.