Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Hate Thrips!

There are very few things in life that I hate.  Thrips are one.  Grammatically that can't be correct but I hate them so much I don't care.
Thrips are tiny insects that are attracted to roses.  They set up house in the buds and flowers causing them to brown and not open.  I find that they tend to affect my pink and lightly colored roses most.  Above you see the promising flowers of St. Swithun ruined by them.  They are about the only thing I am willing to bring the sprayer out for.  They snuck in on me sometime over Easter, while I had my back turned.  The worst thing is that everythings looks great, plants are healthy, buds are growing, then brown.


  1. Rev, that's Thrip damage? I see damage like that frequently on Maiden's Blush and have always considered it due to dampness and cold springs...maybe it's the timing of my Maiden's Blush bloom. I always see thrip damage later in the season here in Kansas and primarily on the edges of the petals.

  2. We have recieved 9 inches of rain over the past two weeks (6 inches on Easter) so that's possible but I've pulled open a few blooms and seen the tiny boogers. There may be something better to use but Malethion seems to be clearing it up.

  3. Hi Reverend Scott, I have the thrips now and I too do not like to spray for any sort of insects but thrips have to be dealt with or they will take over badly. I just sprayed with the Malethion last night also so we will see what happens.