Friday, January 23, 2015

Moving Day Finally Came

Martin Luther King Jr. weekend gave me the perfect weather and amount of time to return to rose gardening.  It is hard to believe, but it was a year and a half ago when Angie and I moved to Chickasha.  At that time we had moved roughly 30 roses to my mother's for a temporary stay while we made the move.  Now we have finally moved the roses that have survived to our new home.  It seems that seven of the roses died in the process leaving us with 24 new roses, which I planted this past weekend.  I didn't mark the roses so many remain unidentified, but I was surprised how many I could recognize from their bare canes or remember the location they were planted in.  The rest will surprise us this spring and I will try to move them to more appropriate spaces once they show their true colors.
Heritage recently relocated to its new home.  I know its only January but I am really looking forward to spring. 

The delay, which allowed my mother to enjoy the roses a little longer than expected, was brought about by the large amount of work needing to be done at the new church, our associate pastor leaving six months after we arrived, and showing our Italian Greyhounds this fall.  There is a nice picture of Skidi's Pretty Boy Floyd and me at the bottom of this post.  Now that they are here, I am glad to note how healthy and strong most of them look.  It looks like I just planted the best shipment of bare root roses I have ever seen.  That all of these first arrived as very small rooted cuttings makes their arrival as huge bare root roses somewhat ironic. 

            Moved & Identified

Abraham Darby
Golden Celebration
Jude The Obscure
St. Swithun  
William Shakespeare 2000
Red Cascade
Unconditional Love
Distant Drums
Prairie Harvest

            10 of 17 Moved but Not Identified the remainder didn't make it

Fair Bianca
Carlin’s Rhythm
Pam's Choice
Jeri Jennings
Moore’s Striped Rugosa
Lavender Crystal
Tattooed Lady
Mel Hulse
Treasure Trail 
Belinda’s Dream  
Rhapsody in Blue
Siren’s Keep

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