Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feeling Blue, or maybe Purple

There are no blue roses but here are a few of the purple-lavender roses I grow.

Rhapsody in Blue, Shrub Rose by Frank Cowlishaw, 1999

Vineyard Song,Shrub Rose by Ralph Moore, 1999

Ebb Tide, Floribunda by Tom Carruth, 2001

Vi's Violet, Miniature Rose by Ralph Moore, 1991

Lavender Crystal, Miniature by Unknown

Rhapsody in Blue, again I couldn't resist


  1. Wow, that Rhapsody in Blue really is blue!

  2. It is closer than anything else I have seen. No photoshoping either, but as you see in the second picture of it, Rhapsody in Blue is not always as dark as the first pic.