Monday, April 11, 2011

First Rose to Bloom this Year!

The Miniature Rose, Lavender Crystal is my first rose to bloom this year.  I ordered Lavender Crystal late last Summer and then she was thrown for a loop.  Some how she got lost in the delivery system for a week and a half.  I wasn't sure she would make it and she spent the rest of last year recuperating.  While still a very small plant, she has decided to shine early this year.  Lavender Crystal is unique for most Miniatures because she has very full (40+ petals), ruffled, old-fashion, fragrant flowers.  From her start this year, I am expecting big progress from her through the Summer.  Much of her background is unknown but we do know that she comes from Japan.  I will be keeping my eye on her.


  1. She is very pretty. Congrats on the first rose bloom!

  2. Congratulations! It looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to hearing how it does for you. Purple and mauve roses are always tricky, I hope it grows well.

  3. Thanks, I don't remember ever having any roses bloom this early. It has been an early, warm, and dry Spring. For years I kept planting Angel Face, convinced that this time it would thrive just to be disappointed. So now I've moved on to try others in the mauve range.